18 months ago I made the decision to try Monat and I never looked back…

I never thought something so simple as changing my shampoo could have such a HUGE impact. Paying tons of money for salon brand products recommended by my hair stylist to leave my scalp in sores. Why was my hair falling out and why was I having scalp issues?

It can’t be my shampoo?!

Does it Work

I am going to go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room… “Doesn’t Monat make your hair fall out?”

I clearly have all my hair, so no Monat does NOT make your hair fall out.

However, I was using a keratin shampoo before Monat that did make my hair fall out. Did I sue them? no. Did I go bashing their name? no. It just didn’t work for me so I stopped using it.

Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction, but never did I think it was my shampoo. Most over the counter and salon brand shampoos contains irritants and harsh chemicals. This can cause itching, rash, sensitive scalp or tiny bumps on the scalp (I had all of these). You can possibly be allergic to any product out there, although it’s rare. Our bodies all react differently to different things.

I am allergic to Pineapple! Yes, pineapple.

I get big sores on my lips and they swell up. Does it mean no one should eat pineapple ever? Heck no that’s ridiculous, go have some pineapple just don’t save any for me! LOL

I am sensitive to Lavender!

Yes, it’s true. I tried lavender oils in my laundry and I always end up with rashes all over my legs. It’s stinks but what can you do? My body reacts to it. Huh, maybe no one should use lavender?

Progress with Monat

Monat is a naturally based, vegan, gluten free, anti aging products that focuses on scalp health and safe for anyone to use. Whether you are trying to focus on hair growth or repair damage, your scalp health is where you start.

Did you know your scalp is the fastest aging skin on your body? It sure is!

This is my progress starting in the top left, July 2019, across and then left to right ending in December 2020. That is 18 months of progress using ONLY Monat products consistently. All photos were freshly washed and styled hair. My hair is noticeably healthier, more volume and has shine without silicones and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Believe what you want about Monat, but I will keep using it and getting results I have been desperately seeking. This year I am committed to helping women just like me get thicker hair and/or provide additional income for their families. I will never use another product on my scalp, EVER. I went from washing everyday to twice a week, that in itself has freed up so much time!!

Current Hair Routine

Game Changer

Monat has been a game changer for me personally. Not many people know or think about what you are putting on your scalp could contribute to other health problems. Our scalps absorb whatever we put on it within 26 seconds and is one of the highest absorbing parts of our bodies. We should care about what we are putting on our bodies as much as what we put into them.

If you want to try Monat, I am your girl!