It was spring break last week before all the crazy happened. We planned a 3 day road trip across Northern Arizona to sight see. It was actually the perfect time to go and we were in the Jeep most of our trip loaded up with drinks and snacks. We had a great time and thankful for the time we spent as a family.

Our youngest daughter was suppose to go to the Grand Canyon on a field trip back in November but was sick with strep and her grand mother passed away, so her trip was postponed. Because she could not go on the field trip we got a free ticket for our family into the grand canyon so it wasn’t a total loss. We got to the South Rim about 9:30 am and walked along the 3 mile canyon over look and then drove along the canyon to the East Rim and ended around 2:30 pm.

Grand Canyon South to East Rim

Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon East Rim
Grand Canyon Watchtower
My hubby and I
My youngest at the Grand Canyon

The grand canyon was beautiful and we drove from the South Rim to the East Rim. The East Rim was my favorite because of the Watch Tower. I would love to go back when it’s not so cold and do a few hikes and explore a little more. As this trip was strictly a sight seeing adventure. Next, we drove from the East Rim to make it to Horseshoe Bend in Page by sunset.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend
The Williams 2020

On family trips we love having the Go Pro to take family shots without asking anyone to take our photo. So it’s been a thing to do a family shot every vacation now and I love it! Our Go Pro Hero 5 Black does the trick every time. It was $10 to park to hike to Horseshoe bend. It was a short 1.5 mile round trip to the overlook.

Monument Valley Tribal Park

After horseshoe bend we stopped for the night in Page at the Hampton. We had Big John’s Texas BBQ for dinner, which I highly recommend if you don’t want fast food. Then the next morning we woke up and drove 2 1/2 hours to Monument Valley on the Arizona/Utah state line. It was $20 to get into the Monument Valley Tribal Park.

My girls at John Wayne Point

If you love western movies you might know this iconic ledge where John Wayne filmed 5 movies. It was so beautiful and felt like we were in the wild west! We took our Jeep (first out of state trip) because well, road trips are more fun in a Jeep.

Jeep at The Mittens and Merrick Butte
John Wayne Point
The Mittens and Merrick Butte
Three Sisters in the distance

We drove through snow to get to Monument Valley on our trip. There was snow on the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff. It was 30-40 degrees our entire trip and extremely windy. There was beautiful clouds and the occasional sunshine through out which made beautiful images. I need to frame so many of these!

We did have a tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon scheduled but it got cancelled due to the virus going around. We are sad but not mad because it was probably for the best. It was $195 for a family of 4 for the tour but we got a refund. We will need to make another trip when everything calms down.

Arizona is so beautiful and we love exploring our state!