Okay, so I have hiked this trail many times in the past and recently. I never really appreciated it’s gorgeous insane views until now. This one of my top 5 trails in the Phoenix area for it’s gorgeous views. This is not an easy or short hike even though their is view around every corner.

This trail is rated HARD and only recommended for experienced hikers. The trail to Boulder Canyon is 8.7 miles out and back. The first mile or so is just straight climbing but don’t forget to look at Canyon lake behind you. Once you get done climbing up, you will come to a view point with views of Weavers Needle and Flat Iron all in one view. Both of those are really great hikes as well.


The trail continues onto Battleship Mountain if you are brave enough to hike 12 miles. This hike you will descend into the canyon and don’t forget you will have to hike back out. It is no easy hike!!


This trail is pretty epic and highly recommended. I recommend bringing plenty of water, snacks and sunblock. There is no shade on this trail and a pool at La Barge Pool is found at the end of Boulder Canyon Trail. This hike is not recommended during the hotter months.

If your looking for a day hike full of adventure, this is the one!