Does it Matter?

Does it really matter what hair dryer you are using on your hair? I really didn’t know the difference until I started using a high quality hair dryer. I just used a simple Conair hair dryer from Target that I had picked up. Did you know that using a good hair dryer can help eliminate frizz? Help prevent damaged hair? Speed up drying time? Give your hair more volume? Have healthier looking hair overall? It’s all true. 


Temperature & Settings

I recently got a professional hair dryer, the T3 Micro Featherweight Luxe 2i DryerI didn’t realize how bad my current hair dryer was and how it was damaging my hair. First thing I noticed was that it wasn’t hot! A professional dryer can eliminate frizz and damage because it offers innovative digitally controlled heat. It’s important when looking for a blow dryer that has heat setting options. The T3 also had a wide, gentle air flow stream maintaining body, volume and shine. Proven to leave hair healthier than when air drying. My hair has always taken SO LONG to dry creating damaged hair by exposing it to heat for long periods of time.  

The Difference

Professional hair dryers have advanced technology that utilizes ceramic and negative ionic energy to style hair and keep it healthy. This type of technology allows your hair to dry in half the time using less heat. These dryers are the best for your hair but do cost more than your grocery store hair dryer. If you are drying your hair with every wash, you may want to look into a hair dryer that won’t damage your hair. It’s worth investing the extra money if you want less frizz and healthier hair.
I still recommend using a heat protectant in your hair to protect it when drying. Extra insurance is never a bad thing. You should also be using non-toxic products in your hair to prevent chemical damage as well. I use the T3 dryer and Monat hair products to protect my hair fully from damage.