I have always dreamed of owning a home that had space for one of those gorgeous drop zones. In September we purchase a home that had that perfect space. I knew exactly what I would do with it when I seen it. As soon as we closed on our home, I started talking design plans with my friends over at Rock that Vintage who is amazing at custom builds.

First let’s back up to the beginning.

When purchased the home and the previous owners had these awesome lockers in the kitchen. They asked if we wanted them and I said no. On closing day, they were still there. So, I said I could find a spot for them. Little did I know, the wall was not painted behind the lockers and they were SO HEAVY. Might be why they left them behind.

So, I measured the space in the entry and thought the lockers would be perfect for storing things. I just couldn’t leave them in the kitchen. They did not go with my elegant farmstyle dining table. So we carefully moved them to the entry and also had to paint the big square they left on the wall behind them.

Then it was time for the drop zone install.

It took a few hours to install, sand and paint. I was so excited to finally have it all done and complete. I mean I have been dreaming about this for YEARS!!

They installed the shiplap to the ceiling first. Our entryway has over 12 foot ceilings! So I went with the wider shiplap for a more modern, clean look. My whole house has a modern farmhouse vibe.

This is what it looked like the night it was finished. I waiting until the next morning to start putting anything on it to let the paint dry really well.
The lockers are still there!
Here is the finished product!!

I am so happy and thrilled with the outcome. I knew I wanted a cute little shelf at the top to put a sign and decor. Cubbies at the top made it feel too weird at the entry. These BASKETS at the bottom are from Target. They were a perfect fit! Excuse my dog, she loves the new drop zone too!