Living in Arizona, my hair often gets super dry since we have no humidity. This winter has been different than most. I discovered an all natural hair care company about 5 months ago that has changed my hair. No more dry, frizzy, static hair in the winter. I want to give you some tips and also share with you my favorite winter hair products.


The lack of protein (amino acids) could be resulting in dry, brittle, damaged hair. Give your hair a boost of protein to prevent breakage and improve strength. Lack of protein in your hair could even result in hair thinning, hair loss and early baldness. The human hair contains up to 90% in proteins. Chemical treated hair can contribute to loss of proteins in your hair. To restore proteins, I recommend using a hair masque that is free from harsh chemicals. Monat has the Transformation Masque that rebuilds your hair from the inside out.

Oil Treatments

I use the Rejuveniqe Oil Treatments for my hair and scalp weekly. This oil mimics your natural oils and helps restore balance. It’s all natural, silicone free and anti-aging effects are amazing. The oil will help restore shine and volume to dry winter hair and is great for any hair type. Extra added bonus is you can add some to your dry winter hands and it’s a double win. Use the oil as an over night treatment or add a little to dry hair to help smooth frizz.

Leave In Conditioner

I love using a leave in conditioner on the ends of my hair, as well as my regular conditioner for added moisture in the winter. When we apply a conditioner in the shower and rinse it out, the hot water is drying out your hair. Leave in conditioners will help moisturize, improve manageability and tame frizz. I love the Restore Leave In Conditioner by Monat.

Heat Protectant

Another thing people do not think about is a heat protectant. I can’t stress enough about how much heat can dry out your hair. If you are washing your hair with hot water, it can dry out your hair as well. If you are using all natural shampoo this is even more important because you have no build up or silicones coating your hair. It’s worth it to protect your hair so DO NOT skip this step. I love Monat’s Thermal Styling Protect Shield because it’s so light weight.

Other things that contribute to dry, coarse hair could be hot water, sleeping on a cotton pillow case, using shampoo that has harsh chemicals, chemically treating your hair, living in a low humidity area.