We love the holidays and love decorating our home for Christmas. We still decorate even if we are not going to be home for Christmas. Why? It’s more fun that way. I couldn’t imagine going through the month with no tree or no lights. It just makes the holidays a little more special.

I love tradition colors when it comes to my holiday decorating style. I love reds, greens, browns and whites. The new house accent colors of greens makes it even better! It has been that way for a few years now. I feel like it is classic and timeless.

Christmas plaids are also one of my favorites. The plaid bows on the tree are my absolute favorite!! One year I thought I lost them and was so sad. They complete my tree! I am team white lights as color lights make me crazy because it’s just too much..ha!

This year we had our drop zone built in the entry way just in time for the holidays! I just loved having this alternative since Arizona is not very fond of fireplaces. Now we have a place for stockings once again.

We don’t decorate the entire house. Just the living area, entry way and dining areas. We also decorate the front door and the house already had lights up, just needed to plug them in!

I got the wreath from Target this year and the tree and snowman use to light up but we have probably had them since our first house (2004) so they don’t light up anymore. They are cute and I almost gave them to goodwill but kept them this year.