Fay Canyon is located in Sedona, Arizona. It’s considered an easy 1.5 out and back trail. If you hike to the end, keep climbing up the big rocks and turn around for a fantastic view. That’s not all this trail has to offer.

There is a SECRET ARCH!!

Not many people know about the arch unless they purchased a Sedona Hiking book or did their research. I hike in Sedona a few times a year and I am always finding hidden treasures. Caves and other formations are fascinating to me. This arch is really hard to find, even if you are looking for it.

In October, my husband and I was on our annual wedding anniversary trip and I was determined to stop and find these arches that I had missed on the first hike at Fay Canyon.

The arch is off the main trail.

If you are hiking on the main trail, about 1/4 mile in on the right there will be a turn off. It doesn’t look like a trail but you just start walking up. It is a 500ft. elevation climb, steep incline and a little bit of scrambling to get up there. You will not see the arch until you are almost at the top. It looks more like a bridge.

It is a beautiful hike and well worth the stop if you are ever in Sedona. There is a Fay Canyon trail head parking area. You do not need a red rock pass to park there to my knowledge. It is down the road from the Boynton Trail head and before you get to Bear Mountain Trail.

I have heard there is a local who sometimes climbs to the top and plays the flute. You can hear it all through the canyon. I have yet to see this flute player, but maybe you will be lucky enough.