I have always wanted to open up french doors leading out to a backyard oasis. Isn’t that everyone’s dream?

When we moved into our house 2 years ago, we knew it would need some updating. We just finished up our last renovation for this breakfast nook. We replaced the sliding (or not sliding) doors with french doors. The sliding doors were broken after we had some tile replaced. The tile somehow got lodged in the bottom and wore down the part that allowed the doors to slide properly. This door was SO hard to open at the end.

We have put so much work into this home over the past two years. We have replaced flooring, replaced blinds, replaced the master bathroom, newly painted bathroom cabinets and hardware, newly painted kitchen cabinets, new kitchen sink, newly painted front door, new shiplap wall, the list goes on..

This post is about our french door install. We decided to buy a bigger home in a different neighborhood. We couldn’t imagine selling this beautiful home as it would be the perfect retirement home later down the road. So we decided to keep it and use it as a rental property. We LOVE our house and send all the good vibes we have wonderful renters to love our house just as much.

This project took only 2 days. We hired our favorite handy man and purchased the doors from Home Depot. We had to get the doors with the higher door knob because of the pool. They started off by cutting out the stucco on the outside of the door. Then they taped it on the inside and worked inside a bubble until the door was out and the new door was installed. The end of the first day we had a new door with the exception of new paint and stucco repairs.

I think it looks so much better than the sliding glass door!!