Scalp Pain

I have been battling some scalp issues for the past year or so. First, I have never had acne on my face ever. I was starting to get really painful acne around my hair line. I thought it was because I was in my early thirties, maybe it was my hormones, I don’t know. So, I did some research and found this stuff by Neutrogena called T-Gel. Well this stuff cleared up the scalp acne but my scalp still hurt some days and it was drying out my hair causing some damage.

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Fast forward to this week, I got my first shipment of Monat products. My friend Danielle was telling me about how it helped her husbands thinning hair and her daughter’s cradle cap. I told her I was ready to give anything a try because I was tired of my hair, tired of the pain and texture. I tried everything, even the Rusk products my stylist recommended. I tried putting witch hazel on my scalp after washing to reduce inflammation. I tried it all.

Monat Hair Care Line Review

Guys!! I did just ONE wash and my scalp was pain free, my hair felt SO soft (like ever) and my hair looked and felt so much healthier. This is just with ONE wash!! I love that Monat is a natural based product. I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. My hair stays clean and fresh for days after a wash. My scalp is pain free even after 3 days of no washing. I can’t make this stuff up.

Monat Hair Care Line Review

I started with the Black hair care line, but everyone’s hair is different. You can take this helpful online HAIR QUIZ to find out what’s best for YOUR hair.

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