Our family recently tried out Hello Fresh for the first time. Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service delivered right to your door. I received a free meal from a friend so I said why not? We have tried Blue Apron before and it was a great experience. The only things I was lacking with Blue Apron was portion size and meals taking too long to prepare. Pricing is comparable to other meal kit companies.

Our first meal we tried was the Tex-Mex Beef Enchiladas. We had plenty of food to eat for our family of 5, even though it says 4 servings. Everything tasted super fresh and arrived in perfect condition. The meat was chilled upon arrival and nicely packaged with dry ice. The vegetables were fresh and ripe. I chose to have my meals delivered on Friday but you can choose your date.

I like that you can choose your meals and you don’t just get a surprise. They have 17 different options to choose from every week. I picked the meals that took less time to prepare because I know I am a little slower peeling and chopping veggies. You can also add extras and desserts which is another option Blue Apron didn’t offer. I think this is super smart, as I add those Annie’s chocolate chip cookies to my next order.

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The part I love the most is not having to worry about planning dinner for 2-3 nights a week. It’s delivered straight to my door and all I have to do is prepare it. I also learn things about cooking and get other meal ideas when using this service. Simple and done!

There was great options that were family friendly. One thing I noticed as an option was “gourmet” options that charged more per person. Make sure you are aware those come as an extra charge. I will just stick to the classic recipes that are included in the original pricing.

Our second meal is chicken teriyaki bowls and it was equally delicious!