Everyone has goals, but how can you put a plan into place to reach those goals? Every year I hear the words, “new year’s resolution” when January rolls around. How many people say they will change something starting in January only to fail? Stop setting yourself up for failure. Set goals that are obtainable and start small leading up to a bigger goal.

Focus on Control

First of all, you need to focus on what you CAN control. If you set this crazy expectation, you may give up shortly after you set the goal because it becomes too big. You can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You start to believe that you CAN’T. Start off with smaller goals to set yourself up for success. If you are trying to lose weight, your end goal might be 30 pounds but focus on 1 pound a week for now. You can’t lose 30 pounds in one week.

Create a Plan

Every year I sit down and write down my long term goals and short term goals. At the end of the year I see where I am and how far I have come to reach those goals. At the beginning of the year, I re-evaluate and make sure I am still headed towards those goals. Maybe I need a new direction or new goal all together and that’s okay because that is progress. Writing down your goals makes them REAL.


It can be hard if you have many goals such as personal goals vs. financial goals. You need to make sure you are not stretching yourself thin and making the important goals your top priority. I know when I was a full-time photographer, my health goals sometimes started fading away. I then created a schedule to make sure I got my work done and could still work on my health goals at the same time. A good balance might be the key to obtaining multiple goals.

Goals are great to have!

They provide a direction, something to always be working towards. Without goals, your not progressing or going anywhere. You may have goals and not realize it. What is it that you want most out of life? Write that down. Create a plan to live the life you have always wanted. It may seem silly or too far fetched but anything is POSSIBLE.