We have talked about listing out our priorities and removing negativity in our lives. Now let’s talk about how creating routines can simply our lives. Creating routines can help us be more productive so we are not just busy all the time. Routines can help us reach goals such as eating better or exercising regularly.

Creating Routines

When you start having kids, you learn really quick that they work better with a routine. Ever try sleep training a baby? It’s almost impossible to do without a routine. Ever start a new workout program? Setting certain days and times to workout helps you stick with it. Ever own a business? I treat my business like a business meaning I have set days and times to work on things.

Prioritizing and creating routines go together. You want to prioritize what is most important so you get that done before anything else. I love using a paper planner to map out my week and make the most of my time. If I know I have things coming up, I can plan other things around it. My health is important to me. I try to make time for exercise because if I don’t it just won’t get done.

I love the saying, “If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If it’s not, you will find and excuse.”

By Day Planning

I designate certain days for certain task. For example, on Mondays I typically go to the grocery store and run errands. I schedule all the kids appointments on Tuesdays. I go hiking on Wednesday mornings. I stay home on Thursday’s and clean the house. It makes things routine and it makes it easier to remember things as well.

Important thing to remember is that you only need to do what you can. Don’t stress out if you don’t get everything done that is on your list. That is why you prioritize them and get the most important done first. That way if you need to move something to tomorrow or even the end of the week, it’s okay. We are not running for mom of the year, or at least, I know I am not.

Making Lists

If you know me, you know I believe in paper planners. I write down everything and make list for everything, this is how I stay organized. Make a list of groceries before going to the store. Also, make a list of favorite dinners to pull from weekly. Make a list of things you need to do for the day. List out ideas for your business. I make a list of goals I have and make note cards to put around my office. If I had one piece of advice for staying organized it would be to MAKE A LIST!

Creating a routine can set your mood for the day. Go through your list and feel at ease knowing this is what you are suppose to be doing today. Know that you are not going to fail, it’s just today and this list. Checking off things from your list can be so satisfying and fulfilling. In conclusion, just take it day by day, stick to your routine and you will end the day knowing you did your best.