I think this is a BIG topic everyone should read into and take some of this advice and apply it to your lives this year. As moms, we often think of self-care as spending money on ourselves and then feel bad about it. Our children need us to be happy, healthy and energized. Don’t feel bad for investing in yourself.


MAKE TIME to start an exercise program or routine. I don’t mean just for the month of January. This is why new year resolutions don’t work. An exercise routine should be apart of your lifestyle. You don’t have to go and spend money on a gym membership either. Truth is I have a gym membership and never go. I prefer hiking over the gym and that’s okay. Find something that you like doing and stick with it.

I lost 30 pounds over the past year and a half by hiking, walking and just being more active. Exercise improves our mood, stress levels and energy. Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day or 1 hour every other day as a goal.

Hiking has been something I can do with a friend, my husband, family or alone. I love hiking with my own thoughts. My mind is clear and I can think about things. It’s just me, the trail and my dreams. Hiking is soul soothing and there is nothing better than being outdoors soaking up sunshine.

Drink More Water

I see this every where and I am the WORST at drinking water. I have to seriously talk myself into drinking a bottle of water. In the summer, it’s a little easier since you are hot and thirsty anyway. In the winter, it’s like a game to see how dehydrated I can get. I typically just down it and be done with it because I don’t like water. There I said it, I don’t like water.

Make the Appointment

Make that appointment you have been dreading. Go to that skin exam and make sure that freckle is really a freckle. Go get your hair done because you need it. It’s not a waste of time or money, we all need our hair done from time to time. Go make that dentist appointment and quite putting it off. Yes, we all hate the dentist but your teeth are a big part of your health. Stop putting things off, MAKE THE APPOINTMENT, and go.

Pick up Reading

I have picked up reading last year and I am enjoying it. I use to read a ton when I was younger and didn’t have kids. I go through phases where I have time and then some where my book sits on my table for weeks. I am in love with the Rachel Hollis books because she is so real and I can relate to her in many ways. Her books are very motivating. Find something you are interested in reading and keep it near by for when you have a few quite moments.

Take Time to Eat

No really, take time to eat. I don’t know how many meals I skipped because I was “too busy” running kids here and there. You need food to fuel your body. If you need to schedule it in or write it down to remind you, set an alarm on your phone, whatever you need to do. Take time to eat at least three meals a day.


No seriously, women need at LEAST 8 hours a sleep or more. I go to bed early and wake up early. I like to wake up early and get “stuff” done. I love being home at night curled up in my bed reading a book until I am tired enough to go to sleep. If I don’t get enough sleep, I feel it the next day. My doctor is always surprised at my yearly check up when she ask if I get 8 hours of sleep and I say, “YES.”

I could probably go on and on about self-care. I always put things off for myself in order to put my kids first. We need to start putting our needs as a priority as well. We can do both if we plan and balance things properly. Everyone can be happy and healthy, even YOU.