Let’s think about living a simple lifestyle on a smaller scale. What can we do in our everyday that can simplify our daily lives. We already talked about routines which can help making your day run smoother. What else can we do to improve our day?

Make your Bed EVERYDAY

Yes, I said it. You need to make your bed everyday. Teach your kids to make their beds everyday. Doing things like this in the morning can help set the mood and who doesn’t like walking into a room with a bed made up? It makes the room seem brighter and more together. I have always made my bed from an early age and my husband expects it now. It makes him feel loved because it’s his love language.

Floss your Teeth

This may sound weird but don’t skip flossing your teeth. You should be flossing anyways but it really is important. I read an article once saying that successful people floss their teeth, it makes sense. People who invest in themselves are happier and more successful.


People who smile more often are happier. If you find yourself roaming the grocery store try smiling at someone. This will brighten their day and brighten your mood. A simple smile can produce huge reactions in your brain. When you smile, your brain releases 4 hormones. These hormones work together to relieve stress, lower heart rate, increase productivity and reduce anxiety, leaving us feeling happy!

Wake up Early

This may not work for everyone but I prefer to wake up early and go to bed early. I like to hike so this is an advantage for me because catching the sunrise at the top of a mountain is the highlight of my week. Waking up early means getting things done. Get things done early so you don’t run out of time at the end of the day. I know if I don’t exercise early, it probably won’t get done.

Enjoy the Little Things

We need to take note the little things in order to appreciate the bigger things in life. Have you ever watched a beautiful sunset and felt thankful for the beautiful world we live in? Have you ever went to do something and someone already did it for you? That’s the little things. We might over look them some days, but try and look for them in your everyday.

Take a Bath

Take a bath in Epsom salts. This is how I relax after a day of hiking. I love to get the salts with essential oils, they smell heavenly. Just a few minutes of me time away from the world. It also makes me sleep better if I take a bath right before bedtime. This is sure to put a smile on any mom’s face!

Clean as you Go

I have always picked up as I go through the house every morning. I can’t stand things just laying around on the floor or clutter on my kitchen counters. It’s not often I have a big cleaning day. Cleaning as you go can help lighten the load a little. When I do need to do a deep clean, I will assign sections of the house for one day and others for the next. Don’t ever take on more than you can handle. There is always tomorrow.

We can start living a simple lifestyle by doing things to simplify our lives. It can be small and lead up to bigger things. Stop making things so hard on yourself. Forgive yourself and don’t over book your life. Take time for yourself and start enjoying life.