We all want to live a simple life in order to enjoy life a little more. We want to cut out the drama and things that are unnecessary in our everyday lives. Who wants to live a life full of stress? I know I don’t. Simplify your life so you can enjoy more of the good stuff, the stuff that really matters.

Cancel Your Gym Membership

No seriously. If you dread going to the gym, STOP. Don’t waste another minute doing something that doesn’t make you happy. I am all for living a healthy lifestyle, but I prefer to hit the trails and spend more time outdoors. Every time I go to the gym I wonder why am I here? I only use the stair climber and some weights. Why not hike, it’s better anyways. My point is, find something you love and stick with it. I lost 30 pounds without a gym, having a membership does not make you lose weight.

Learn Something New

As I get older I have a new appreciation for learning new things. I use to hate school because I had to learn about things that don’t interest me like, history. Now I love learning, reading and doing new things. I love learning about photography and how to shoot different subjects. Learning keeps our minds busy. If you are stressed out about something, picking up a new hobby that brings you joy may be just the thing you needed.

Stay Positive, Keep and Open Mind

I always try to stay positive and look at each situation with an open mind. If something happens in life that we can’t control why stress out? Try to look at it from a positive perspective then it doesn’t seem so bad. I always think, “it could be worse” we are so lucky and so blessed. I find joy all around me if I take the time to take notice.

I try to keep an open mind so opportunities don’t slip by. Sometimes a new opportunity is just what you need to change things up. Maybe that is your new path to happiness? Be more open minded and don’t be so quick to shut things out. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. This path could lead to other opportunities!

Take More Vacations

No really!! I know, this cost money but make it a priority to at least go on one fun vacation a year with the whole family. It gives you something to look forward too, something to work towards. We have always made it a priority in our family because we see the value in it. It can be a stay cation, it doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be a yearly camping trip. Find a way to make it happen!

We get points for free hotel stays and free flyer miles through our AMEX and Southwest credit cards. We get these points from buying things we already spend money on like gas and groceries every week. Then we just pay them off every month with no interest and BAM free vacation! This is just how we get to go on more than one vacation a year.

Stop Stressing

Easy said than done, right? I know. I use to stress out over things I had no control over like the weather. Therefore, I gained 30 pounds and became super stressed out. I couldn’t help it. I figured out why I was stressed and created a plan to remove that stress from my life. Yes, we moved across two states AGAIN, back to Arizona. I didn’t know how much living in a state where I couldn’t be outside would effect me SO much. Listen to your body, find ways to reduce stress.