It’s a New Year and we all know what that means. We take a step back, take a look at our current life and determine what areas we need to work on. That is typically around this time of year, at least for me. I write down my personal and business goals for the year. We can also improve our health right?

Monat launched it’s new Wellness line this past year. I was so excited that our company finally was working on beauty from the inside out. We all know that what we put into our bodies reflects on the outside. I can’t seem to find a better time to start, especially after last year. Health and Wellness is a very important aspect of our lives.


What’s the difference in Probiotics and Prebiotics?

Probiotics is good bacteria found in certain foods or supplements. Prebiotics are types of fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

Let’s talk about having a healthy gut for a moment.

When you Google benefits of Probiotics this is some information that will come up…

  • Improve immune function
  • protects against bad bacteria to prevent infections
  • promotes healthy digestion
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps with skin conditions
  • in women they can prevent yeast infections and UTI’s

That’s just to name a few things and what the benefits are for taking probiotics. For one year, I have been taking probiotics consistently. I can tell a difference in my overall health. I stopped getting sick as often, but when I do get sick I recover MUCH quicker!

We all want stronger immune systems right?

One of Monat’s capsules is 5 million CFU of live and active microorganisms (of good bacteria)!! Monat balance is a dual layer prebiotic + probiotic complex capsule in one, with a unique , delayed release technology and a custom herbal blend including turmeric, ginger and rice bran. (VEGAN)

Fun Fact: Did you know it takes your gut about 6 months to recover from one single dose of antibiotics? Yep!


Do you get the recommended serving of fruits and vegetables EVERYDAY? I know I don’t.

Monat’s Total Greens has become a daily staple for my health. The Total Greens is a superfood to support digestion, immune health and healthy skin. Includes a spectrum of 37 antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetable powders. It taste good too!

You can add it to your favorite smoothie, mix it up in a cup of water or juice or I like to mix mine up with my Plexus Pink Drink! The easiest way to get my fruit and veggies servings for the day.

Currently I am trying to create better eating habits and it’s so dang hard! I don’t know why food is the enemy. I am 35 years old and still have not found a love for cooking. So, I know I need supplements to fill in the gaps, otherwise my body can’t keep up.


We all want beautiful, healthy skin! I mean that is a girl’s dream, right? About the age of 25, our collagen production drops 1-2% every year. So, in order to fight early signs of aging you need to start EARLY, before the decline. However, there are so many factors that contribute to the decline such as sun exposure, poor diet, pollution, etc.

Introducing a good collagen can help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Monat’s Collagen Key is a natural, vegan sourced formula with amino acids. Collagen supports the health of hair, skin and nails. I don’t know about you but I want to be just like Jennifer Aniston when I grow up! She takes collagen daily and she ages so well.


My goal is to make it through January and am going to need all the energy. Sodas are the devil, but I still drink them because I don’t like water. I know bad habit I am trying to break so I need a little help sometimes. Having a pick me up in the afternoon is sometimes needed, especially on Mondays. I need good alternatives because well water boring to me. Monat’s Energy is a healthier alternative to soda and it taste better than water, so why not?

A vegan, energy booster that does not contain sugar, enhances alertness and focus. Super easy to grab on the go and mix in your water bottle.

In the New Year…

I owe it to myself to become the best version of me.