Being a mom, a business owner and a hiker has me always reaching for a snack that is good for me or has added protein. I need something quick around lunch time or I won’t eat. Also, when I am going on a long hike to just throw something in my bag and go. Typically it’s fruit, water and a source of protein.


This is an easy one. We always keep fresh fruit around the house for me and the kids. I get whatever is in season because that is what is cheapest and taste the best. We keep bananas in the house as much as we can but they go quick. Peanut butter and banana is a family favorite around here. I love to just grab a handful of mixed fruit for lunch and a protein bar. For hiking grabbing an apple and or orange is easy.

Kind Bars

These are one of my favorite gluten free snacks on the go. The almond and coconut are my favorite. The ones with dark chocolate and sea salt come in second place. I love them because they have simple ingredients. They do have some added sugars but on the lower side.

Kodiak Pancakes

These protein pancakes are amazing. My super picky eater loves these things and I will make them for her all day long if she will eat them. I love that they have whole grains and a good source of protein. You can make muffins with them and throw them in a bag for on the go. They are super quick in the morning too if you just want to make pancakes for yourself. I love eating these right before a hike.

Good Made Granola Bars

Have you tried these granola bars yet? They are vegan granola bars with dried fruits, whole grains, a serving of vegetables and fiber. These little things go quick in our house. My kids love the chocolate chip granola bars and bites. They are allergy friendly and safe for school and perfect for day hikes.

Think Protein Bars

I saved the best for last!! These are the BEST tasting protein bars I have ever had hands down. I tried the Chocolate Fudge first and it was pretty dang good. Then this week at the store I seen the Lemon Delight and I feel in love!! They are SO good and keep getting better with each one I try. The best part is these things are 20g of protein, gluten free and sugar free. TRY THEM.