I remember being a kid and going with my grandparents to pick out a real Christmas tree at the tree farm every year. We would walk around the farm until I found the perfect one. Then my grandpa would go get a saw and cut it down. I remember the smell of fresh cut trees and the memories made.

Real or Fake Tree?

My kids have never experienced a real Christmas tree. Every time we walk by the real trees at the grocery store, we stop and take a deep breathe before going into the store. We even went to a “tree farm” last year where they have the trees in rows where you can pick one out. They were brought in and you don’t get to cut it down.

We have always had a fake tree since we started our little family. My kids don’t know the difference. They love our traditions and our tree we put up every year. They love spending time together as a family. Those were my childhood memories and sure I would love my kids to experience a real tree at least once. Maybe one day when the time is right.

Simple & Traditional

I try to be SIMPLE and traditional. My home is simple, not overly done and doesn’t look like a magazine cover. It’s all my favorite Christmas decor from over the years I have collected. The traditional red, greens and plaid that feels like Christmas and makes our home feel festive. I buy one item every year to add to our collection.

You don’t need a ton of things to make your home feel cozy at Christmas. Our home is decorated in neutral colors all year so adding Christmas decor just blends in with our cozy farmhouse style. Our dinning room, kitchen, office and living area all open up to each other. So, I put little pieces of Christmas decor in every room to tie everything together.

To Decorate or to not Decorate?

Some have asked do we still decorate even though we are never home on Christmas day. YES! We love getting in the Christmas spirit even though we take family vacations for Christmas. Otherwise, I don’t think it would feel like Christmas. We bake, we decorate and we spend time together.

We are headed north for Christmas for our second white Christmas EVER. We are super excited to spend this time with our kids. Thank you for following our blog this year and hope you follow us in 2020. We have BIG dreams for the Simple Lifestyle Blog!!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!