Recently, I picked up reading again. When I was in middle school, I loved curling up with a good book. Something about cooler temperatures makes me crave a good book. I have been into self- development lately and Rachel Hollis has been my best friend. I purchased her book Girl Wash Your Face and fell in love. Her writing style is so down to earth and I can relate to so many things she has to say. I loved this book so much that I just ordered her book Girl Stop Apologizing as well.

Review: Girl Wash Your Face by Simple Lifestyle Blog

Take Aways

There are so, so many great quotes in this book I can’t even pick out a favorite. I will list a few of my favorites below. Rachel is down right truthful and honest in her book. The overall theme is many lies and one truth in each chapter. She is also a very popular lifestyle blogger and that is how she got started with her brand. There is one quote in particular that sticks out among the others.

“You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.”

I mean, it’s so simple and so true. We are responsible for our own happiness. No one else is responsible for our life outcome. YOU are in control of your own life. We all are on one mission to obtain a better life for ourselves and our children. The question is how does one become happy and what does that mean? Hollis defines happiness as contentment, optimism and gratitude. One that is happy enjoys life 90% of the time. Hollis talks in her book about many things she has had to overcome and still manages to find a piece of happiness in her own life.

I am successful because I refused to take no for an answer. I am successful because I have never once believed my dreams were someone else’s to manage.

Each chapter is a lie that women believe about themselves. Hollis provides a real life example in each chapter and breaks the lies down and provides a way to overcome these obstacles. Things anyone can relate to from mom guilt, to adoption, to marriage and just being a good person.

Get up, right now. Rise up from where you’ve been, scrub away the tears and the pain of yesterday, and start again … Girl, wash your face!

Hollis gives people hope in her book that no matter the lie, the trial, you can overcome what life throws at you. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past or what your life was before, you can create the life you have always wanted.

Book Review: Girl, Wash Your Face by Simple Lifestyle Blog