If you are ever in Sedona and you are looking for an easy, scenic hike check out Fay Canyon! I was in Jerome on a photo walk with my two oldest kids and decided to drive up and hike in Sedona. I had wanted to do this hike for a while and this seemed like the perfect chance.

The hike was pretty easy and ran through the canyon with no elevation change until you reach the end. There will be a sign saying that the trail ends. We just climbed straight up the big rock in front of us and there was the most stunning views when we turned around. They say there is suppose to be an Arch at a turn off, but we never found it.

Beginning of trail

The trail has shade when you are walking along the canyon next to a creek bed. Once you get out of the trees there is no shade and the rocks become super hot. Watch out if you decide to climb them! We went to top and got some pretty cool shots with our Go Pro. The Go Pro is so great hiking because of it’s wide angle and it’s so light!

You can find more information on the trail HERE.