This was our second annual Christmas Family Vacation instead of presents. We started this new tradition last year to test it out. Last year we ended up going to Disneyland and Universal Studios in California. It was a great trip but we didn’t like the crowds. This year, we planned a white Christmas get away which I feel was much better over all.

Airbnb Experience

I rented an Airbnb for the first time back in July to make sure we had a cozy little place to stay. I searched and searched and we found one that was affordable and off the grid on 10 acres of land in Parks, Arizona. I have to say the Airbnb experience has been wonderful. It was the perfect place to spend our Christmas. This place was built in 1917 and had most of the original appliances and history. The host was very helpful and speedy with getting back to me when our power went out.

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Snow Tubing

We purchased these amazing snow tubes from Amazon before our trip. They were very durable, the middle was closed and it had handles. Some of the best snow tubes I have ever had and they were affordable as well. They are ONLY sold on Amazon HERE. They are 47″ so they are kinda big but I feel like they were much safer than the smaller tubes you find. We ended up at Oak Hill Play Area near our cabin for some great hills.

Off the Grid Living

The electricity went out for a few hours and we managed to “rough” it for a while by cooking our ham, green bean casserole and yams on a grill outside. We heated our rolls in the fireplace and it came out one of the best Christmas dinners we have ever had. This has been an experience the kids will never forget! Our cocker spaniel was even living her best life so don’t forget the family pet.

The Experience

Overall our experience with no presents has been wonderful. I don’t think we will ever go back to our old ways. My kids are getting older and I see them less with work and school. Instead, taking the money we would have spent on presents and spending time with our family. This is what Christmas is all about, not who can get the best gift.

I believe our kids are able to understand that presents are not all that important. My kids actually didn’t fight, they played together and participated in family activities. On a normal day, this would have never happened. It made them closer and I feel like it was way better than any gift I could have ever bought them. So many great memories made that are priceless!

I challenge you all to try this at least one Christmas! You will not regret it. I can’t wait to plan our next family Christmas together. I want to keep this tradition as my kids make their own families. They will always have these memories and feel the Christmas spirit.