I have been asked many times to share why I don’t wear make up. I am 34 years old and sure I use the occasional mascara to make me look like I have eyelashes. That’s only on days I “dress up.” I don’t wear anything else on my face, not even lip stick. I believe it started at an early age, my decision not to wear make up.

I remember my mother getting ready for the day. It would take her hours just to put on her make up. I would catch myself thinking, that is not who I want to be. Taking hours to get ready just to get ready for the day. I thought she looked way prettier without all that stuff on her face anyways.


Did I try make up? Sure, I have tried putting it on my face a few times to test it out. It just WASN’T ME. I felt like my skin couldn’t breathe and my skin broke out with acne. Just thinking about all the chemicals I was putting on my skin and how much this would effect my skin over time was enough. Enough to decide that I didn’t need make up. I can be naturally beautiful without make up.


Why cover up natural beauty? I get compliments all the time on how I don’t look my age. How my skin is so beautiful that I don’t need to wear make up. I don’t wear make up and that is probably WHY my skin looks so youthful. I do take care of it and use all natural products. I protect my skin as much as I can. Wearing hats while hiking and in the sun instead of sun block.


I think not wearing make up can help send a positive image to our children. That you don’t need all that make up to cover up your face. You don’t need to show a ton of skin to be beautiful. You can be beautiful in your own skin. That taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up. Let’s set an example for our children. Maybe even just wearing less make up can help?


Sun block is a hard subject for me. Yes, we need a type of sun block to protect our skin. I much rather wear a hat or long sleeves. I use to put that stuff on religiously until one day I got a really bad chemical burn from a sun block and had to have a spot on my back removed. Now, I am cautious and wear ONLY sunblock when I absolutely have too. We have a pool and I don’t wear sunblock or make our kids. Our pool is shaded mostly and if I feel like I am getting too hot, I go sit in the shade. I do wear a moisturizer with a light sunblock on my face.


It’s a personal choice for me.

Will I ever wear make up? I don’t know.

Maybe I will decide to wear make-up later in life when they have safer products or my skin changes? I don’t think it will be anytime soon.

I am happy with my skin for now and some people wear make up because it makes them feel pretty or have skin problems they want to cover up. I just choose not to wear it and that’s okay too.