Why we Stopped Buying Christmas Presents

The Chaos

It happens every year without fail, the holidays are upon us. We start thinking about what we are going to buy and how much we are going to spend. Maybe you even have a savings account just for Christmas gifts? When is the right time to start buying gifts? What sales will be going on and what is the latest trends?

Holiday Shopping

First of all, I have never been Black Friday shopping. I just never thought it was worth it to save money standing in those long lines. Being only 5 foot tall, my worry is I would get trampled over just trying to get through the doors. It may be your favorite thing about the holidays and that’s okay. For me, it kinda ruins the holiday spirit. I have always been an online shopper for Christmas gifts. Maybe pick something up here and there when I am out and think of someone. I typically start shopping in July and done by Cyber Monday.

We Made a Change

Last year that all changed! We decided to just NOT Christmas shop and to NOT do presents last year. Our kids were a little surprised and maybe even a little upset. We surprised them with a trip to Disneyland and Universal Studios instead. WHY?

Holidays as a Kid

If you remember being a kid or have kids of your own, all I remember from Christmas day is opening up presents and then hiding away to play with my new treasures. What I don’t remember is spending it with my family. Even my own kids, they would take all their new electronics and I wouldn’t see them for DAYS!

What Christmas is Really About…

My kids are getting older and it’s harder to make time with their work schedules and ours. We went to spend quality time together and the best memories are those on vacation. So starting last year, we started a no present Christmas. We still have stockings with little gifts to open on Christmas morning. The BIGGEST gift is spending time together as a family. Having those moments and times together are priceless to me.

Plans this Year

This year we have rented an old ranch up in Flagstaff near a big snow play area. We are going off the grid Christmas week with no cell service, cooking all our own meals and just spending quality time together. This is what the holidays are all about and I look forward to the holidays. No more rushing to get the perfect gifts, feeling alone on the holidays because my kids are hiding away or distracted from social media.

I hope to continue these traditions as my kids make their own families. My vision is that we rent a cabin somewhere in the snow every year going forward and just have quality time to catch up. Sitting by the fire, eating pie, sledding, building snowmen and enjoying a white Christmas. Sounds like a dream right?

Why we Stopped Buying Christmas Presents Why We Stopped Buying Christmas Presents by Simple Lifestyle Blog